Our Philosophy

The objective of Shore Jewish Academy is to create a warm, healthy and happy environment where small children can grow and develop emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The formative years of early childhood are vitally important. A child is viewed as a plant that we nurture with utmost care, since the seedling’s every experience will shape and color the quality of its matured self. The seeds of learning, self identity, curiosity and exploration are planted in the preschool years.

Shore Jewish Academy’s curriculum is designed to encourage an atmosphere of inspiration and growth in an environment filled with joy, laughter, moral values, and developmental and academic excellence. It combines structured and unstructured activities that enable young children’s most important work – creative play. Every day is filled with art, music, stories, language and hands-on exploration.

We believe that the most important goals of our school is to enhance our children’s self esteem, to respect each child as an individual, to foster social-emotional growth, to create a sense of community and family, to appreciate the beauty of our Jewish heritage and traditions, and for our children to be stimulated and inspired to construct their own knowledge and “own” their daily experiences.