Rachel Weinreb

2’s Main Teacher

Morah Rachel is very passionate about early childhood education. She has been an early childhood educator for the past 6 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. A life-long learner, Rachel strives for excellence both personally and professionally.

Rachel has a broad range of experience, teaching special needs children during the summer months, as well as Hebrew School on Sundays. Rachel also volunteers as a “Big Sister” to disadvantaged young girls.

Rachel’s gentle and loving personality coupled with her ability to inspire our young two year olds creates a fantastic learning environment in Class Bet.  Morah Rachel has an almost magical ability to turn toddlers into thinking, articulate, and competent young learners, who can work as a team, follow complex directions, and demonstrate empathy and caring for each other.

Morah Rachel most enjoys reading stories and singing songs with her adorable and delightful students!