Esther Nehmad

3’s Assistant Teacher

A native of Long Branch, Morah Esther Nehmad has been with the POTA family since its inception. With over eight years of experience at all age levels, Morah Esther possesses an innate understanding of children and how they think and feel.  She speaks to them in their own language, while showering them with love and individual attention. Her affection is reciprocated in droves, as the children adore her in return! Morah Esther describes her work as “play”.

“I can’t call my job “work”, because I enjoy it too much! I look forward to every moment at school with the children, whether I am giving to them or receiving from them. I appreciate each child for the unique individual that he or she is, and see in them a world of potential.”

Morah Esther does double duty as POTA’s resident photographer. Her creative flair and artist’s eye are adept at freezing those precious moments in a child’s life and making them special. The result is an abundance of uber-professional photos that grace our walls and newsletters.